The Modular Handgun System in Action at Fort Bragg

The first photos of the Army’s new M17 Modular Handgun System in action have emerged. The photos, taken during U.S. Army Operational Test Command testing at Range 29 at Fort Bragg, show service personnel from a number of units getting trigger time behind the MHS.

The new M17 (MHS) in action at Range 29 Ft. Bragg (U.S. Army photo by Lewis Perkins)

These are the first official photos to emerge since the Army announced SIG Sauer’s entry had won the Modular Handgun System back in January. The photos accompany an article from Fort Bragg’s base news site, Paraglide.

MHS 21-round extended magazines loaded and ready (U.S. Army photo by Lewis Perkins)

The OTC’s Col. Brian McHugh said “we wanted to make sure that we have a huge sample to make sure that we’ve got this right — that the Army has it right,” to ensure this personnel from across…

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