Too Violent For Ivy League Sensibilities: Yale Sanitizes Library Entrance Carving of a Gun

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on The Truth About Guns

Let’s see. We have a dead white male. Said imperialist oppressor is pointing a musket — a gun! – at a peaceful indigenous person. And the offending DWM is seen doing it on what is now the main entrance to an Ivy League institution’s repository of approved accumulated knowledge. How many examples of badthink is that? I lost count somewhere.

Anyway, now that Yale has changed the main entrance of its Sterling Memorial Library (now the nebulously named Center for Teaching and Learning) to one that features this astonishingly un-PC carving, something clearly had to be done.

From the Yale Alumni Magazine:

[H]ead librarian Susan Gibbons…and the university’s Committee on Art in Public Spaces decided the carving’s “presence at a major entrance to Sterling was not appropriate.”

What did the august institution’s administration decide to do to protect its students and other innocents who might inadvertently glimpse this upsetting…

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