TTAG Daily Digest: Doing Something in Congress, Gun-Free Zones Work in Las Vegas and Silencers for Cops

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on The Truth About Guns

Stop me before I Fudd again! . . . One gun owner’s plea for Congress to do something

I own multiple shotguns, handguns and rifles, including an AR-15. Unfortunately, when the gun-control debate is reignited by another mass shooting, my voice is often unheard. Maybe my message is drowned out by the NRA’s continued silence. Perhaps I’m ignored because I don’t fall within a pre-defined box, allowing you to label me an outlier. Either way, in the wake of yet another mass shooting by a U.S. citizen, please do not allow my plea to fall on deaf ears. So I ask that you do the following:

Put me on a registration list or ban my AR-15. Force me to wait three days before I pick up the next gun I buy, or conduct a more thorough background check. Tell me I can’t own a 20-round clip for my AR-15.…

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