Turkish Startup Satek Arge Floats AR, Bullpup, DMR, and Minigun innovations

A relative newcomer to the field of small arms, Turkish company Satek Arge has recently shown a working prototype of a rotating six-barrel machine gun design with variants in 4 different calibers (7.62x51mm, .50 BMG, 20x102mm, 25x137mm). The company was most recently exhibiting at a ground unmanned vehicle competition where it drew the attention of C4 Defense, a defense media outlet, being mounted on an unmanned wheeled vehicle. From the article-

The system, for which a patent application was made, rises interest with its lighter structure than the system counterparts and has a reduced the possibility of stiction. The 7.62 X 51 mm gatling system, which weighs about 30 kg, will have a weight of less than 17 kg in the proposed design. The system can fire a maximum of 15 seconds at a time and can throw a thousand rounds during this time. With this feature, Gatling will be able to shoot about…

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