Vedder Holsters Daily Digest: A Soldierless Future, Time for a Chexit and a Domestic Security Threat

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But if they replace all the soldiers, who will they be shooting? . . . This Gun Drone Could Replace Army Soldiers

A weaponized drone that was designed for the military and can carry and fire guns.

The TIKAD, a 110-pound unmanned aerial vehicle, has a breakthrough that backyard hobbyists have yet to match. The drone, developed by Florida-based Duke Robotics, can aim and fire, using a robotic stabilizer that absorbs the recoil of its mounted gun. The stabilizer provides the drone with increased accuracy while allowing it to quickly set up for the next shot.

If deployed, it could allow soldiers to engage the enemy, while reducing risk.

Maybe the problem is the EU, not the Czech Republic . . . Czech Republic fights EU over plans to tighten gun ownership laws

The Czech Republic has filed a law suit against the EU…

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