10 Famous People Who Used To Be Homeless

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Hollywood celebrities have net worth’s in the hundreds of millions of dollars, however they weren’t always rich. These are 10 of the biggest stars names that were once completely flat broke!

Before they were famous, these celebrities were sleeping on park benches, living in their cars, and frequenting homeless shelters. You’d never know that today though, since these celebrities are worth as much as $600 million, but sometimes you’ve really got to start at the bottom before you make it big. Just ask Jim Carrey, who once lived in a tent, or Sylvester Stallone, who used to call a bus stop his home.

Whether they’re actors or musicians, these stars knew they had something special– they just had to find a way to show the world. That’s why Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez ran away from home to pursue their passions, and even though they ended up homeless for a while, they could never regret the path that has resulted in them becoming multi-talented millionaires. Considering that Jennifer Lopez makes $40 million a year, wouldn’t you agree? From Chirs Pratt’s job stripping at birthday parties to the $5 million that Tyler Perry raised himself to get his first movie off the ground, these are some of the best rags-to-riches stories out there. From the streets to Hollywood, these stars might have made it big, but they’ll never forget where they came from. Check out our video for the richest celebrities that used to be homeless, and don’t forget to stick around until the end to find out what one famous singer had to do when she lost everything in a fire.

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