10 Reasons The Megalodon Could Still Be Alive

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The megalodon shark is famous for being the world’s largest shark to ever exist, and with the release of Shark Week – we thought we’d bring in 10 solid reasons that this bad boy could still be swimming in the deepest part of the ocean!

The megalodon has been the stuff of legends for decades, even though it supposedly went extinct over 1.5 million years ago. Fishermen still claim to have seen giant sharks over 60 feet long that match the description of the mighty megalodon. But are these stories exaggerated, faked, or have these fishermen been seeing whale sharks and great whites and mistaking them for the prehistoric beast?

The megalodon may be extinct, but it might also be hiding deep within our oceans, perhaps even in the Mariana Trench. Over 80% of our oceans are undiscovered, giving the megalodon a lot of places to hide out. In fact, it costs over $30 million for the proper equipment to even explore the trench, and it takes some brave scientists and thrill seekers to give it a try. However, the money might be worth it. In 2012 the Brazilian Coastguard caught a very convincing video of a giant shark passing by them as they completed a rescue operation. Megalodon teeth have also been found that are just over 10,000 years old.. If scientists have been wrong about sea creature extinction before– like with the coelacanth– then they could be wrong about the meg too. If anyone were to prove the existence of these prehistoric sharks, they would undoubtedly make millions and become a part of history. From the “Black Demon” in the Sea of Cortez to the terrorizing of fishermen in New Zealand, here are the reasons the megalodon may still be out there.

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