10MM Sig Sauer -Vs- Hog

Anyone that knows Keith Warren, knows that he loves to hunt hogs any which way he can.

Trying out a 10mm Freedom Munitions load, Keith takes his Sig Sauer P220 Elite out to Hog Wild Adventures for a field test. He’s looking specifically for a broadside shot since Keith is very curious what type penetration he’ll get on a tough-skinned feral hog.

After that, Keith takes a trip to Gum Log Plantation in Georgia on a deer hunt. With the weather dampening the Georgia rut, Keith is happy to find that the hog population is thriving. Fortunately, he brought along his Sig Sauer 10mm pistol to keep things interesting, but the folks as Gum Log Plantation offer an even more action-packed way to chase hogs. You don’t want to miss it!

Source: Ammoland

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