5.6x60mm Experimental Soviet Cartridge

In this article, we’ll take a look at an experimental Soviet cartridge (5.6x60mm) and an interesting technological failure of the manufacturing process. This article is based on one written by Nikolay Dvoryaninov, a renown Russian ammunition and firearms expert. Dvoryaninov’s article was published in Kalashnikov Gun Magazine.

The 5.6x60mm cartridge was a mystery even for the owner of the case and author of the mentioned article – Nikolay Dvoryaninov. He found it in the collection of his father (Vladislav Dvoryaninov) who is an iconic Russian ammunition designer and for many years was the head of the ammunition department of TsNii TochMash. Vladislav Dvoryaninov is responsible for the development of many Soviet/Russian small arms cartridges and experiments in the field of small arms ammunition.

Dimensions (in millimeters) of the 5.6x60mm case

Nikolay’s research showed that this is most likely the only surviving case of an experimental cartridge made in 1941. Back then, the Soviet

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