5 Medicinal Teas Every Kitchen Should Have

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In today’s video, you will learn about 5 medicinal teas that you can always drink to boost your health!

Do you have the daily habit of drinking tea?

According to a study published at the European Heart Journal, people who drink tea at least three times a week gain some extra years of life and a healthier heart. This is incredible, isn’t it?

Natural teas, each one with their own characteristics and properties, offer many benefits to our health.

This is why they are recommended to start the day nicely, to drink in the afternoon, or even before sleeping.

See now 5 medicinal teas that you can drink in all the moments of your life!

Green tea
Ideal for slow metabolism. It is rich in caffeine and flavonoids, which boost metabolism and favor fat burn. It also has a diuretic effect that aids in eliminating liquid retention.

Boldo tea
Another herb that works as a homemade medicine to treat digestion and a fatty or enlarged liver. It has properties that improve the secretion of bile produced by the liver, which alleviates some symptoms like nausea, pain, and abdominal discomfort.

Rosemary tea
Rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals. Besides helping with hair health, this tea is also great for persistent headaches.

Ginseng tea
It is great to regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and improve blood circulation. It is also recommended for any couples that want to spice up their intimate life.

Chamomile tea
It is excellent to fight insomnia, thanks to its soothing properties that help relax both the muscles and mind. It is the ideal tea for your night!

It is important to remember that, although they are natural, these teas may present side-effects.

In case you show any undesired reactions, immediately suspend use and, if the symptoms persist, seek medical advice.

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0:45 Green Tea
0:58 How to Make Green Tea
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1:32 How to Make Boldo Tea
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2:02 How to Make Rosemary Tea
2:18 Ginseng Tea
2:41 How to Make Ginseng Tea
2:52 Chamomile Tea
3:05 How to Make Chamomile Tea


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