You are currently viewing A Production Gun That Looks & Feels Like A Custom Gun – Springfield Echelon Review

A Production Gun That Looks & Feels Like A Custom Gun – Springfield Echelon Review

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Springfield Echelon Review 4k

Introducing the Echelon, Springfield Armory’s latest full-size 9mm duty pistol that’s a custom masterpiece disguised as a standard production firearm.

Springfield sent me the Echelon months ago, but I couldn’t say a word until now. Trust me, the wait was worth it.

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This gun is a visual masterpiece. It’s like the love child of a Springfield Hellcat Pro, a Glock 17, and a Walther PDP, all rolled into one.

Custom stippling covers every inch of this gun, from the grip to the frame, magazine, and even the back of the slide.

It’s everywhere a custom shop would stipple a gun, and it’s done flawlessly. The grip texture resembles black sand, providing an exceptional grip and confidence in handling the Echelon under any circumstances.

This full-size duty gun handles and fires like a champ. It’s built for reliability, shooting flat, and managing the recoil of 9mm rounds effortlessly.

Whether you’re shooting fast or slow, short or long distance, the ergonomics of the Echelon inspire confidence in your ability to manage recoil.

Springfield markets the Echelon as a duty gun, and rightfully so.

With its capacity and performance, it’s an ideal choice for law enforcement officers. However, from a civilian perspective, this gun screams home defense, off-body carry, or even a reliable car gun.

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