Acadian Armament – Predator And Patriot Line Of Suppressors

Acadian Armament, a Louisiana based suppressor manufacturer, was chosen last year to supply silencers to Lafayette Parish Sheriffs Office for field and tactical team use. The company focuses on two technologies to reduce the sound signature from firearms: Two Stage Suppression and a Parallel Path Baffle system. Both are explained in more detail below.

Depending on your host configuration, Acadian offers four different models for sale through their network of dealers. Pricing starts at $650 and goes up to about $900 based on models and options. More details can be found below.

Two-Stage Suppression  Blast suppression and bullet stability are treated as separate events. Reduces Yaw & Drag Unsurpassed Accuracy No BC Corrections Tighter Groups Incredible Recoil Management Target stays “in glass” throughout the shot.

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Parallel Path Baffle PPB™ separates solids from the gas flow while removing gases from the bullet. Full-Auto ROF Preserves Shot Precision Minimal Blow-back

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