Africa’s Loch Ness Monster Caught By Tourists

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The Mokele Mbembe is Africa’s version of the loch ness monster, and recent photographic evidence looks to prove it’s real. Multiple searches for this monster, have failed because of the danger involved. What do you think? Is this the last living dinosaur?

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Welcome back, Richest fans! Over in the Congo River Basin in Africa, there might be the last living dinosaur in existence. The Mokele-mbembe. Over the years over 50 expeditions have taken place to find evidence of the sea monster. Photos and videos have spread across the internet in order to prove that the creature exists. But are they actually showing the creature? Or perhaps it’s something else? Today, we’re going to look at the various evidence and speculate on whether the Mokele-mbembe is fact or fiction.

Now, for the spoiler paragraph. If you want to be surprised, we suggest you watch the video immediately. We’ll kick-off with the origins of the Mokele-mbembe tale. That involves both legendary Mokele-mbembe hunters, Carl Hagenbeck and Roy Mackal. After we look at various pieces of evidence, we’ll see just how much reward money there is for the capture of the beast. As well as the various expeditions that have taken place and how much it’ll cost to do your own. We’ll examine how various mythical creatures have turned out to be real…sort of. Such as The Kraken, mermaids (which involves Christopher Columbus), and a sea serpent. That last one might be familiar to Animal Crossing fans. We’ll compare the Mokele-mbembe to the Loch Ness Monster for how similar they seem to be. Lastly, we’ll speculate on what type of dinosaur the Mokele-mbembe might be. As well as see just how much money it costs in order to aid animal conservation efforts.

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