You are currently viewing Anti-Gun Army Vet Tweets Video Destroying Shotgun Because He’s Sick of Guns In Texas

Anti-Gun Army Vet Tweets Video Destroying Shotgun Because He’s Sick of Guns In Texas

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Jason Rogers Destroys Shotgun Protest Guns

In this video, I want to talk about a guy named Jason Rogers and his bizarre attempt to protest against guns in Texas. According to his Twitter profile, he’s an Army vet, failed politician, a former English teacher, and a current diesel tech.

Well, Mr. Rogers decided to make a statement by destroying his own shotgun with a sledgehammer and posting a video of it.

Now, this kind of behavior is not uncommon among anti-gunners who try to virtue signal their opposition to gun violence. It’s pretty ridiculous to think that destroying your own gun will somehow solve the problem of gun violence. It’s like cutting off your own body parts to stop certain crimes against women.

It’s completely nonsensical.

Congratulations, Mr. Rogers, you just announced to the world that you no longer have a means to protect yourself. It’s as if you put up a sign saying, “Come rob me, I destroyed my only gun for internet clout.”

This is the problem with anti-gunners.

They often come from privileged backgrounds, are super woke, and have aggressively left-leaning views. They believe they can solve complex societal issues with symbolic gestures. In reality, it’s just their self-aggrandizing narcissism at play.

Let’s be honest here. The majority of gun violence in this country comes from young individuals in impoverished inner cities shooting and killing each other.

Do you really think a 15-year-old in South Side Chicago, with a fully automatic Glock, cares about a middle-aged white man destroying his old pump shotgun in the backyard while wearing knock-off slip-ons?

What’s even sadder is that Mr. Rogers is destroying a shotgun with a sledgehammer when, in 2019, more people were killed by hammers than by shotguns. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

And I can’t stand it when anti-gunners who have prior military service believe that their opinions on guns hold some elevated status over everyone else’s opinions on the Second Amendment.

For every veteran who is anti-2A, I can show you many more who are pro-2A.

The Second Amendment is a fundamental part of our Bill of Rights. As an Army vet, you took an oath to protect the Constitution, not to play games with it in your backyard.

The Second Amendment is not complicated. It says what it says, and it’s just common sense.

That’s why I came up with the “Guns Are Common Sense” design.

Anti-gunners always talk about wanting “common sense” gun laws. But let’s be real, it’s not common sense to pass laws that restrict law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights while knowing full well that criminals won’t follow those laws.

True common sense is understanding that if criminals have guns, you should have the right to protect yourself from them.

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