Are Lights On Guns Really Necessary?

Surefire Turbo Course review

After taking a 2-day Surefire Low light course using their new Surefire 300 Turbo series of lights on pistols and rifles, I realized it’s easy to over-simplify it.

When you talk to someone who knows how to really use a light on their gun because they spent a large part of their life looking for people who were also looking for them, you quickly realize you don’t know anything about running a light on a gun.

We started with the basics of the light on a pistol.

Any monkey can flip the switch on a surefire light and start shooting.

However, the real challenge was drawing or presenting your gun and using the momentary on-pressure part of the switch to get your hits.

With a light on your gun, the goal is to use it to see what you need to see, get your hits and then disappear into the blackness.

After the simmunition portion of this course, I walked away with one thought, “My goodness, it takes serious guts to walk into a dark building knowing there are people inside trying to kill you with more knowledge of the room than you have.

Ok, maybe it was two thoughts.

The second thought is unless there’s someone I genuinely care about inside, I’m not clearing any buildings anytime soon with or without lights.

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