Armed Georgia Citizen Holds Alleged Kidnapper Choking A Child At Gun Point Until Police Arrived

Defensive Gun Use Georgia

Using your gun to protect someone you don’t know is, to me, one of the noblest things you can do, and this is coming from someone who prioritizes mind my business.

However, sometimes, simply minding your business isn’t easy, especially when someone is hurting a child.

The media and the anti-gun lobby would have you believe that most people have guns because they want to murder people.

The truth is more people use guns to save lives than to take them.

This man is a hero!

Now I’ll admit, running to the defense of another with your firearm can get tricky.

If you ever are in a situation where you think you might have to use your gun to defend a stranger, make sure you truly understand the problem and whether it calls for that level of force.

There are things like the USCCA, which I am a member of, where they have many resources that come with their membership.

USCCA can educate you on things like when it’s okay to defend a stranger with a gun and a whole host of other valuable information, not to mention the self-defense insurance that comes with a USCCA membership.

So if you’re interested in learning more about USSCA AND getting a few special free bonuses, click this link!

Here is My Full USCCA Self Defense Insurance Review

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