Army to Procure Weapons Like SOCOM: Chief of Staff Announces New Futures & Modernization Command at [AUSA 2017]

The US Army’s new centralized procurement organization has been named: In his address at the Eisenhower Luncheon at the 2017 Association of the United States Army, US Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley announced the creation of a Futures and Modernization Command (FMC), which would oversee the process of research, development, testing, evaluation, and procurement (RDTE&P) from start to finish. In his address, General Milley outlined a new process which would fundamentally change the current procurement model to a new one based on that used by US Special Operations Command:

You know, over time our competitive advantage has eroded. Our overmatch is being challenged in all domains. In our current system institutional organization our processes are no longer adequate for the task of modernization for an army of the future. So while commanders will prepare our force for today, we the institution must prepare our force for tomorrow.…

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