Army’s M17 Modular Handgun System to Reach First Units in November

It has been announced that the US Army’s Modular Handgun System, the XM17,  will officially become the M17 and begin issue to units near the end of the year.

The Army anticipates that the XM17 will complete the materiel release process, which ensures equipment is safe for issue, in November. The ‘XM’ prefix has been used by the US military for decades to denote experimental weapons under testing and development. Once the material release process is complete the XM17 will be accepted as the M17.  The material release process ensures:

a. Materiel is safe for Soldiers when operated within its stated parameters.
b. Materiel is suitable, has been fully tested, and meets operational performance requirements.
c. Materiel can be supported logistically within the environment it is intended to operate.
d. Systems achieve a FMR [full materiel release] no later than— (1) The FRP Decision Review for developmental programs. (2) Government acceptance of the…

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