BBC Journalist Slammed After Mistaking Red Ryder BB Guns for Real Guns At Walmart

BBC Journalist Red Ryder BB GUN

Padraig Belton is a journalist who works for the BBC, which is to the U.K. what CNN is to the U.S.

A few days ago, our sharp-eyed BBC reporter, Mr. Belton posted this tweet saying, ” Hi from America. Where Walmart doesn’t have a plug adapter for my UK Laptop. But on the other hand, I can buy a rifle and ammunition.”

The problem is, the picture he took and posted was a picture of Red Ryder and other B.B. Guns, not actual rifles.

He got some pretty good responses like:

The guy posted a picture of a toy grenade and said, ” Sir It’s even worse than you think. They also sell Grenades at the Dollar store.

Then there’s this response where they posted a picture of a toy tank and said, “Sir, it gets worse. You can literally walk into Walmart and leave with an M1 Abrams tank.

It’s tweets like these that remind us that protecting our 2A Rights in this country is not just a political war; it is a Culture War. Mr. Belton and the vast majority of the people in the UK suffer from a political Stockholm syndrome.

They’re so used to living under the soft oppression of their government, that the very thought of owning a gun for self-defense against criminals, much less a tyrannical government, makes their heads explode.

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