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Beer Giant’s Missteps

Bud Light, the beer icon synonymous with American culture, is experiencing a sobering fall. Following a virtue-signaling campaign involving a controversial influencer, the brand faces a reported permanent loss of up to 25% of its business. Analyst Mitch Collett of Deutsche Bank reveals that 24% of Bud Light consumers have completely abandoned the brand, while an additional 18% are buying less. To further worsen the situation, Bud Light’s reign as the best-selling beer brand in the U.S has been overthrown by Modelo Especial. Despite Bud Light’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, attempting to downplay the controversy, the boycott and public backlash remain unwavering, demanding an apology for the ill-considered partnership. Can the beer giant salvage its reputation, or is it too late?

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