Beijing’s $63 Billion Dollar Airport

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Beijing’s new starfish shaped airport is changing the future of flying. Daxing International Airport is the most high-tech airport yet. Worth $63 billion, it’s also the most expensive airport and largest single terminal. It uses biometric scanners and facial recognition technology to make checking in and getting on your flight as easy and quick as possible. In fact, getting through your gate takes only seconds. Even walking to your gate is quick– the airport’s center is a maximum of 600 meters away from the furthest gates, which means only a maximum 8-minute walk to your destination. Daxing is even going a step further in efficiency and employing robots to help travellers. They have robots that will park your car for you and even humanoid robots that you can have conversations with. They’ll tell you about the airport’s many amenities and how best to get to your gate.

Speaking of amenities, Daxing is making waiting at an airport more relaxing and interesting than anywhere else in the world. There are skylights, art installations, five traditional Chinese gardens located at the end of each large corridor, and 70 restaurants and beverage outlets. There’s even a shopping center with luxury stores like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. With the use of solar panels and heat exchange systems, Daxing is also trying to create a more sustainable airport. 10% of its energy is renewable, and its many robots produce 0 emissions. Are you ready for a look inside Daxing? Then click play and let’s explore.

Written by: Courtney Hayes
Narrated by: Peter Lawrence
Edited by: Danila Fel

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00:00 Intro
00:37 Innovative architecture worth more than $60 billion
02:35 A tech-centric interior– from robots to facial recognition
05:54 Is Daxing the future of flying?”

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