Beirut explosion: Missile strike, negligence, or sabotage? (Full show)

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A cataclysmic explosion in Beirut caused tremendous devastation on Tuesday, killing at least 100 people and injuring thousands. The source has been traced to a tremendous stockpile of ammonium nitrate unsafely stored at the city’s densely populated port area. Was the explosion the tragic result of negligence, or something more sinister? “In the Now” host Rania Khalek joins Rick Sanchez from Beirut to share her eyewitness account. Then RT’s Paula Slier joins from Israel to discuss official reactions to the tragedy and popular speculation and finger-pointing. Plus, former Pentagon advisor Michael Maloof shares his insights about what may have caused the explosion.

Russia has announced that it has developed a working COVID-19 vaccine and will begin vaccinating people in October. Critics allege that the vaccine won’t be effective or hasn’t been adequately tested. RT’s Yulia Shapovalova has the details. Then Frances Richmond, Regulatory and Quality Sciences professor at the University of Southern California, shares her expertise.

Microsoft and the Trump administration are collaborating in an aggressive push to buy TikTok, as some decry the move as tantamount to “theft.” RT America’s Alex Mihailovich reminds us that the theft of oil and other resources inextricable from US meddling in Iraq, Syria, Venezuela, Bolivia, and beyond.

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