You are currently viewing Biden Family’s $20-$30M Illegal Payoffs

Biden Family’s $20-$30M Illegal Payoffs

The House Oversight Chairman James Comer has announced his team’s expectations to discover a potential $20-$30 million illicit payment scandal associated with the Biden Crime Family. Comer stated that his team is working diligently to gather more evidence from bank records. The allegation also extends to a potentially complicit, disorganized FBI. Comer remarked in an interview that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is an “organization in disarray.” Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, further corroborated this shockingly corrupt narrative, stating in an interview, “…if this is true about a sitting president – when he was vice president – influence peddling, accepting money from foreign nationals, why isn’t he impeached already?” Will these alleged indiscretions continue to haunt the president? Or will they be seen as politically motivated slander?

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