You are currently viewing Biden Impeachment, Grassley’s Demands, Tucker and Cube, on NewsBeat Interactive!

Biden Impeachment, Grassley’s Demands, Tucker and Cube, on NewsBeat Interactive!

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Join us for “NewsBeat Interactive: 60 Minutes with Franchi”, where we dive deep into the week’s hottest topics. We’re discussing Speaker McCarthy’s impeachment inquiry against President Biden and Senator Grassley’s demand for transparency around the Biden family allegations. We’ll also delve into the controversy surrounding Hunter Biden, analyze public sentiment over media impartiality, and dissect the ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ movement. Furthermore, we’ll take you on a journey through South Central LA with Tucker Carlson and Ice Cube, and explore a potential Trump/Kennedy unity ticket for 2024 with insights from political analyst Roger Stone.

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See you at the livestream! Remember, every minute counts in this 60-minute deep dive into the latest in American politics.


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