Boardroom Series of Pistols: NEW Nighthawk Custom Chairman Longslide

Nighthawk Custom, the quality custom shop from Arkansas, is used to having one gunsmith labor to build one gun at a time. With their new Boardroom Series of pistols, this should be pretty evident. To the tune of $4,195 (not legal for our California friends), you can get a subtly high-class 1911 that will be a gem to shoot as well.

Nighthawk Custom goes into detail outlining the features and benefits of this model.

The Chairman is the first in our Boardroom Series of Pistols. The Chairman is a 6” Long-Slide Government 1911, available in 9mm or .45 ACP. Windows and heavy angle lightning cuts in the slide allow the heavier 6” slide to function reliably, while also showing off the stunning Titanium Gold Nitride Barrel. The long slide creates significantly less felt-recoil, while also providing a longer sight radius, meaning tighter groups. Custom grips designed in partnership with…

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