Boxer Tyson Fury Calls For More Knife Control After Cousin Stabbed To Death

Tyson Fury Knife Violence

There is no such thing as reasonable gun laws because after every incident’ they’ll ask for more of the so-called “Reasonable guns laws.”

Now the UK is doing the same damn thing with knife laws.

Every gun law is reasonable to people who hate guns.

If you ban guns, criminals will turn to other means to kill people while leaving everyone else defenseless.

That’s exactly what is happening in the UK right now.

The people aren’t any safer. They went from talking about gun violence to knife violence.

You can’t ban your way to safety because there will always be criminals.

Criminals will always find a way to get their hands on weapons, and there won’t be any police there to keep you safe.

That means you must keep yourself safe, and being defenseless is not the way to do it.

The Government’s solution will always be to ban; they don’t have any other answers because they can’t actually keep you safe.

They can only make you feel safe until something destroys that fantasy, and then they’ll sell you more of what didn’t work last time, just under a different name.

I’m terribly sorry about what happened to Tyson fury’s cousin; it’s an unfortunate example of our reality.

We can pass all the laws we want, but what good are laws if they only take the means of defense away from the people who are not criminals and the criminals aren’t willing to follow the rules anyway.

However, as important as the type of protection is when it comes to self-defense, it’s also about the training and ensuring you’re prepared.

That’s why I’m a USCCA member.

It’s an easy way to cover all my bases if I ever had to use my gun in self-defense.

I could find myself in a costly legal case to prove that me using my gun was justified.

The beautiful thing about a USCCA membership is that you don’t just get self-defense insurance; you also get access to their treasure trove of education and training programs.

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