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Brazil President Bans 9mm Handguns

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Brazil President Lula Gun Control

The new Brazilian President, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, is putting forth a hardline stance on gun control, aiming to reel in the surge in civilian empowerment & gun ownership from his predecessor, Jair Bolsonaro.

Brazil’s Former President Bolsonaro loosened gun laws to let civilians protect themselves from criminals, and guess what? Homicide rates plummeted by 34%, reaching a 14-year low. Now, a new president is pushing for restrictive gun control, talking about “political violence” instead of tackling real issues.

But President Lula wants a disarmed country, “We will continue to fight for a disarmed country. Who has to be well-armed is the Brazilian police. It is the Brazilian Armed Forces,” he firmly stated.

And check this out – the beloved 9mm handgun, cherished by many with CAC permits, is now off-limits to civilians. Yeah, you heard it right.

While existing gun owners won’t be forced to give up their firearms, a buyback program is set to kick off this year. It’s all part of Lula’s grand plan to create a disarmed nation, while ramping up the role of the armed forces and police in keeping the public safe.

Just like in America, gun control in Brazil is not about safety; it’s about control. They want to disarm civilians who disagree with them politically. They’re even banning the most popular self-defense handgun round, the 9mm!

Don’t fall for the same trap, my liberal gun owners. Understand that voting for left-leaning politicians means voting against your 2A rights.

Let’s stand together to protect our right to self-defense.

Join me as we uncover the truth and dispel the myths surrounding gun control. Hit play now and stay informed!

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