Breaking News: B&T GHM9 Compact

There’s a new B&T firearm just released on the Swiss B&T website, literally minutes ago.

The GHM9 Compact is available in Switzerland and the EU, and it looks sexy. Will it come to the US?

We know that B&T release their firearms nationally first, then within the EU.

Most of the time B&T also release their new firearms in the USA as well, so it is fair to assume that it will happen soon with the GHM9 Compact as well.

There is a also a rumor that B&T will start manufacturing of firearms in the USA, but they have to be sure that the quality is maintained as the Swiss quality they are known and respected for.

The price is 1,600 Swiss Francs, which would be about the same in USD. Frankly I don’t think this is expensive at all, it seems cheap for a firearm manufactured in Switzerland

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