Bugatti Unveils New $12.5 Million Dollar Super Car

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The Bugatti is the gold standard for ridiculous hypercars. There isn’t a single stat about the car that isn’t crazy. The current model, the Chiron, starts with 1,479hp. The Super Sport 300 is capable of reaching speeds of 300 mph, a lofty height reserved for dragsters and land speed cars. It’s price tag starts…starts at $3 million dollars and tops out as the most expensive car ever made at $18.7 million. WIth all that money you do get a level of exclusivity built in, but Bugatti can take that even further by making ‘one offs,’ like the La Vouture Noir that holds the price record partially because they only made the one. Similar limited edition runs command their own high price points like the track based DIvo or the nostalgia based Centodieci. When the Bugatti came back to market it was alone in the stratosphere of ridiculous cars, but today things have changed. Bugatti is competing with a sea of special run hypercars from boutique automakers hoping to make their name in the exclusive top speed world and Bugatti has had to develop and adapt. That means selling models more than a dozen but less than thousands can buy in an ‘entry level’ sub million dollar car or producing special editions and one offs that do one thing spectacularly well. With the announcement of these crazy editions and spectacular specs, does Bugatti still have what it takes to be the king of the bench racers, the fastest car on a teengers wall? Let’s take a look at the tale of the tape for these road pounding beasts, where they came from and where they’re going and see if they still measure up to their hype.

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