California’s New Gun Control Law Designed To Bankrupt The Gun Industry

California Gun Control

In Gavin Newsom’s video, he’s holding an AR-15, but the gun he’s referring to is a little .22 rifle made to look like an AR15.

However, this law is also an attempt to destroy gun culture in this country because it’s ten times harder to get people to vote for gun control when they’ve been shooting since they were kids.

Gavin Newsom’s AR-15s are weapons of war argument is ridiculous.

If the AR-15 is a weapon of war and should only be used in war, why do police have AR-15s?

Are they at war?

Aren’t they peace officers?

More than likely, their answer is, “Because criminals have AR-15s, so they need more firepower,”.

Well, civilians are more likely to encounter criminals with AR-15s before the cops show up, so we need them for the same reason the cops do.

Deceitfully calling them a weapon of war all you want makes no difference because the 2nd amendment didn’t say you can keep and bear any gun that’s not a weapon of war; it said the right of the people to keep and bear ARMS shall not be infringed.

However, this new law is nothing more than Gavin Newsom and the anti-gun lobbies’ way of destroying the gun industry, and here is how.

Right now, if someone uses a gun to murder someone, under federal law, you can’t sue the maker of the gun simply because someone used their gun to commit the MURDER.

To anyone with a brain, this makes sense. You can’t hold a company liable for a murder they didn’t commit.

Gavin Newsom needs a state law governing the marketing or sale of guns that the Anti-gun lobby can use to circumvent the federal law that was put in place to stop these types of frivolous lawsuits.

It doesn’t matter how much of a stretch the argument is, if a gun company has anything remotely that looks like it’s being marketed to kids and a kid uses that company’s gun to commit a crime, they can sue the company.

Keep in mind that they consider anyone 1 – 19 years old a kid, and a large number of gun violence in this country is committed by people in that age range in our inner cities.

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