Canada Mass Stabbing 10 Killed & 15 Wounded Proves You Can’t Ban Your Way To A Utopia

Saskatchewan, Canada Mass stabbing

Things like this mass stabbing where ten people were killed and 15 were injured happen when people cannot effectively protect themselves,

Politicians and the anti-you-have-a-gun lobby sell the dream that if we just got rid of firearms, especially the scary AR-15s, everything would be better, and all the mass killings would stop.

Not too long ago, Trudeau banned the sale of handguns in Canada and the sale of ar-15s, saying he would keep people safe.

It doesn’t matter what tool you ban; you can’t ban yourself to a utopia.

The politician’s only solution to any of this is to keep banning everything while making you more of a victim, empowering the criminals, and giving more power to the government.

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