Canik TP9SF Elite Now Hitting the Range in Black, Tungsten Grey & OD Green Cerakotes

To break in the new year of 2018, Canik has decided to bust out some new colors for one of their most popular pistols. The Canik TP9SF Elite has broadened its color options so now you can hit the range with either a Black, Tungsten Grey or Olive Drab Green (OD Green) Cerakote model.

The pistol itself which many consumers have come to enjoy will remain the same. Now you just have more choices to liven up the variety of firearms inside your safe.

The primary importer of Canik pistols, Century Arms, expounded upon the TP9SF Elite for those who may be unfamiliar with the platform:

The TP9SF Elite was developed in response to law enforcement and private security needs. Small enough to easily conceal, but large enough to be an effective fighting handgun. The 4.19” barrel and shorter overall grip makes it a smaller, more concealable carry option

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