Century Arms RAS47 AK Rifles ~ Buy-em While You Still Can

By John Farnam

Century Arms RAS47 AK Rifle Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “All that is complex is not good. All that is truly good, is simple.” ~ Kalashnikov

Comments on Century Arms RAS47 Kalashnikov Rifle:

I’ve had many Kalashnikovs come through my Urban Rifle Classes. They have been manufactured in the (former) Soviet Union, China, America, even Pakistan. With the exception of the ones made in Pakistan, all have run well!

By American standards, some consider Kalashnikov’s creation “rude and crude,” but any competent Operator will instantly appreciate the simplicity in the design, and the genius of the designer. This is the rifle I faced in Vietnam so many years ago, and understandably, I hated it then.

In fact, I still bear scars from AK rounds, received during my tour as a Marine Infantry Officer in Vietnam in 1968! Since, like most, I’ve come…

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