China Debuts New Hypersonic Missile While Our Military Goes FULL WOKE | The Chad Prather Show

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Oh, China, China! You bringer of bad news and food that leaves me hungry again in 30 minutes! What, I ask you, does it mean when China can sack up to the net and lob not one, but TWO missiles in our direction faster than the speed of sound? We’re all standing there goggle-eyed, our military apparently so focused on making sure that the drill sergeant who’s telling you you’re a worthless maggot makes sure to get your pronouns right that they missed the giant boom-sticks whizzing by overhead! Now, I know this is a rhetorical question, but I need to ask it, because otherwise I’m pretty sure my eyes are gonna bug out of my head: Does ANYONE think that this kind of crap would’ve happened under Donald Trump? WATCH more of The Chad Prather Show:

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