You are currently viewing Climate Activists Take Aim: Your Favorite Cocktail on the Chopping Block!

Climate Activists Take Aim: Your Favorite Cocktail on the Chopping Block!

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In a bizarre twist, climate activists are targeting something that touches on a simple pleasure of life: our beloved cocktails. According to Scientific American, the sustainability of ice, an age-old ingredient in mixology, is being called into question. With water scarcity becoming a pressing issue and energy prices on the rise, the production of ice is under scrutiny. Some ice machines use up to 100 gallons of water for just 100 pounds of ice. This water-wastage has triggered federal restrictions. Now, this isn’t just about our chilled drinks. It’s a much broader attack on the joys of everyday life. Remember when they started with our gas stoves, then our wood-fired ovens? Now, it’s our cocktails. Where does this end?

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