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Climate Czar’s Travel Habits Under Fire

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The climate debate gets heated as U.S. climate czar John Kerry and Florida Representative Cory Mills exchange sharp words. The argument arose during Thursday’s House subcommittee hearing, where Kerry fervently denied allegations of his use of a private jet. Mills kicked off the controversy by suggesting sarcastically that Kerry’s travel arrangements must have been complicated due to his private jet. Despite the hypocrisy the private jet use implies, Kerry stated that neither he nor his family own such a vehicle. But the controversy deepened as Representative Michael Waltz pointed to a Fox News report claiming the Kerry family had sold a private jet to a New York hedge fund. Kerry acknowledged that his wife once owned a plane but reiterated his primary use of commercial flights. This incident underscores the scrutiny climate leaders face and the importance of practicing what they preach. Get the full story, tap the link in our bio.

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