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Colachup: The Perfect Hot Dog Companion

Pepsi, the renowned beverage company, is stepping into the world of condiments with its latest creation, the “Colachup.” Developed in collaboration with the Culinary Institute of America and competitive eater Joey Chestnut, this unique blend aims to elevate the classic hot dog experience. Combining the rich sharpness of ketchup with the citrusy notes of Pepsi, Colachup promises to be a game-changer for barbecue enthusiasts. With over 150 million hot dogs expected to be consumed on July 4th, Pepsi’s foray into condiments presents a perfect opportunity to taste this innovative twist. While some express excitement, others are skeptical about the cola-flavored condiment. Available exclusively at select baseball stadiums, including the home games of the Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, Arizona Diamondbacks, and New York Yankees, Colachup is making its debut this Independence Day.

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