Conflict Armament’s Report on Islamic State’s Small Arms Sources

Conflict Armament Research has released a report featuring the results of in-person findings of what the so-called Islamic State has been using in the past three years. These findings (40,000 items, 845 small arms) have resulted from personal visits to the frontlines and carefully scrutinizing captured weapons caches. If you can, I would highly recommend reading it yourself over on the organization’s website in the PDF form. We are going to summarize some of the more relevant findings of the report when it comes to small arms use and development here in this essay.

These were Conflict Armament’s conclusive statements on their results-

[so-called Islamic State Forces…]

are in possession of advanced weapon systems, which will pose a threat to regional and international forces in the years to come;

have a demonstrated ability to manufacture improvised weapons and IEDs on a large and sophisticated scale; and

are able to…

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