Daniel Defense’s Marty Daniel: I Was Wrong About FixNICS

On Friday, Daniel Defense head honcho Marty Daniel issued a statement announcing his support for the FixNICS bill currently pending in both the House and Senate. But FixNICS hasn’t exactly been popular with gun rights supporters, many of whom see it as a slippery slope step toward universal background checks and, eventually, full-blown registration.

Mr. Daniel apparently heard from his customers about their displeasure with his FixNICS stance. He just issued the following statement:


First and foremost, let me say that I have heard your voices. I put out a statement on Friday, supporting Senate Bill S.2135 also known as the Fix NICS Act. I have received overwhelming feedback since putting out this statement, which has brought to my attention that there are significant and justified concerns regarding this bill. I can no longer in good conscience put my support behind S.2135.


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