Denmark is evaluating a new service pistol for 2019. One down already

According to the Danish website (Translated: The Warrior), the Danish Army is looking for a new handgun. It is mandatory for the new pistol to be Striker Fired.

The pistol M/49, which is a SIG Sauer P210, is expected to end its service life with the Danes in 2019. After almost 70 years it’s about time I guess.

The Danish Defense have therefore been evaluating 5 candidates, as per the list below.

CANIK Glock SIG SAUER Smith & Wesson Beretta

Actually, it seems the Smith & Wesson is already out of the game. I don’t know the reason for this, but most likely it didn’t pass some of the tests. I don’t even know which model they tried. If you know please write in the comments below.

This means that only 4 candidates remain for the second run, but there can only be one winner and 3 losers in this

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