Dictator Biden Screams Ban Them, Ban Them, Ban Them AR-15s Have No Place In America

Assault Weapons Ban

Does this sound like the President of A free country or a Tyrant?

Watching the leader of a country SCREAM Ban Them, Ban Them, Ban them for something the founders felt was so important that it was the second thing they wrote in the constitution… should terrify you.

Banning so-called “Assault Weapons” is the destruction of the 2nd Amendment because the Justification for banning so-called “Assault Weapons” can be used to justify banning almost all guns.

AR-15s aren’t used by our military in war but guess what guns are?

That’s right, the same handguns we already have!

Handguns are more of a weapon of war than the AR-15.

So when it’s all said and done, you can try to use whatever manipulative Justification to ban AR-15s which are not Assault weapons you want, but with over 21 million AR-15s in this country, it’s clear as day that the Second Amendment protects the AR-15.

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