Dizzy Dems Say To Get Free Stuff, Give Up Your Freedoms | Wilkow | Ep 253

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Biden wants the federal budget to increase to $8.2 TRILLION. You read that right. But the progressive finance model is about to collapse, and what then? Wilkow argues if the Democrats get their way over the next two years, there may be no going back. The Democrats cannot increase the number of people who will expect to receive while continually decreasing the number of people paying taxes. If we don’t course-correct soon, all the “free” help Dems give won’t help anyone at all. FreedomWorks president Adam Brandon joins to talk about his new book, “A Republic, Not a Democracy,” and BlazeTV’s Sara Gonzales stops by to talk vaccine mandates. WATCH more Wilkow: https://blazetv.com/wilkow

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