Donald Trump Jr ‘We Believe In The Right To Carry, The Right To Shoot Back’

Did you know that Trump’s son is a high-level competitive shooter?

Video of “The Donald” below:

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Breitbart has more…

Donald Trump Jr. says he shares his personal commitment to the Second Amendment and pro-gun policies with his father, presidential candidate Donald J. Trump.

Don Jr. is a competitive high power shooter and a hunter. He talked of how traveling to shoot in competition–particularly entering California with an AR-15–has taught him firsthand the mess that law-abiding citizens face in trying to exercise their right to keep and bear arms.

He then said:

The Second Amendment was not a random afterthought 150 years after the constitution was written. It was the second thing after freedom of speech and religion. The fact that that’s even up for interpretation is even up for interpretation by the left these days is candidly mind boggling.

Don Jr. then…

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