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Durham EXPOSES Deep Bias in Crossfire Hurricane

Now for the real news. John Durham’s testimony sends tremors across the nation, unveiling a shocking conspiracy entangling the Clinton Campaign, FBI, and CIA. The trio was instrumental in a scheme to tarnish Trump’s campaign with baseless Russia collusion allegations. Durham’s testimony shed light on the Crossfire Hurricane investigation’s systemic bias, unraveling the deception and manipulation at its foundation. The Steele Dossier, politically funded and unverified, was used to justify FISA applications targeting Trump, while damning intelligence was deliberately concealed by the then FBI Director Jim Comey. With public confidence in our institutions decimated, the path to restore trust will be arduous. The full extent of this political sabotage is still unraveling, raising questions of justice and accountability. But that’s all I’ve got. Get the rest, tap the link in our bio.

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