Experimental Russian Pistol Designed in MOLOT

Several days ago we published an article telling about a new Vepr rifle. The source of that article was the information published by Mikhail Degtyaryov of Kalashnikov Gun Magazine. Recently, he has also released a couple of images of an experimental Russian pistol that he came across during his MOLOT factory trip.

The pistol is designed by a gentleman named Pyotr Mokrushin (an employee of MOLOT). He started the development of the pistol about five years ago. It is a striker fired, aluminum framed pistol chambered in 9x19mm and fed from a double stack single feed magazines.

Images courtesy of “Kalashnikov” Gun Magazine

At first glance, it may look to be an ordinary pistol. However, what makes it unique is the way its mechanism works. It uses a blow forward action. The barrel and slide are attached to each other and form an assembly. The breech block is permanently attached to the frame.…

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