Faceless Sea Monster Utterly Baffles Scientists

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Scientists are baffled by what they’ve found in a new species of faceless fish. Weird new sea monsters are popping up all cross the world’s oceans, including the deep dark trenches! What’ll they find next!?

Welcome back, Richest fans! In deep oceans around the world, various sea monsters can be found. Every year, we find more and more species within those murky waters. Many of these scary fish have adapted to survive in those extreme environments. Which brings us onto today’s topic. We’re going to examine some of the most terrifying newly discovered fish in recent years from the deep-sea. Which also includes some evidence for mythical beasts, such as the Loch Ness Monster, as well as species long since extinct. We’ll also see just how much money these critters are worth.

Now for the spoiler paragraph. If you want to be surprised, we suggest you watch the video immediately. One of the beasts we’ll examine will look familiar to those Animal Crossing fans. The Giant Oarfish. We’ll also look at a fish that went viral recently due to its strange teeth and lips. There’s the Mariana Snailfish that we can practically see through! We also have the species with the greatest name of all time, the Ninja Lanternshark! We’ll look at the amazing discovery of an ancient shark that’s related to the infamous Megalodon. There’s a special sea snake in Australia that took twelve years for its existence to become public. We have the Faceless Cusk that’s one of the most unusual species around. There’s also the largest Siphonophore on record that was found very recently! We also have some surprises to keep you entertained!

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