FBI Files: The Most Wanted Agent In FBI History

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The most wanted undercover FBI agent in history is none other than Joe Pistone, aka the real life Donnie Brasco, who successfully infiltrated the Bonano Crime family in the late 70’s. This is his untold story.

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As an undercover agent, Joe Pistone successfully did the impossible, infiltrating the most dangerous mafia families in America. But for decades, his name was wiped off the face of the earth. For years, Joe didn’t exist – he was Donnie Brasco now.

Donnie squeezed himself into the diabolical American-Italian mob. He formed relationships, created an intricate backstory, followed orders to take out innocent people, and sold himself as a jewelry thief – all while lying through his teeth. Despite chaos and bloodshed unfolding around him, he managed to take down over 100 mafia members in New York, Florida, and Milwaukee.

Enraged by betrayal, the mob put out a $500,000 bounty for his head on a stick. Did Joe Pistone make it out alive? Let’s find out.

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