Federal Premium Debuts Grand Slam Turkey Shells to Flatten Long Beards

Federal Premium has rolled out a new series of shotgun shells for turkey hunting as much of the US gears up for spring season hunts. The all-new Grand Slam turkey loads are going to be offered in your 3 likely suspects of 10 Gauge, 12 Gauge and 20 Gauge with payloads of 4 Shot, 5 Shot and 6 Shot for consumers to choose from.

For those who are wanting to extend the range and lethality of their turkey loads that is exactly what these are advertised as being able to offer. Federal Premium is also stating at this time that they are, in fact, shipping to retailers.

The “secret sauce” to these shells lies in the wad guiding the copper-plated lead payload. Federal Premium‘s Grand Slam shells utilize their FLITECONTROL FLEX wad system that opens at the rear. This allows the shooter to deploy these through both ported and standard

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