FN 15 Tac 3 -This Is FN’s Revenge Rifle

FN 15 TAC 3 Review

From My Vantage point, it always seemed like FN treated their line of AR-15s as an afterthought.

There’s the FN 15 Military Collector M4 and M16, which are excellent mil-spec replicas. Still, it’s a little underwhelming if you don’t get off having a visual replica of what the military is using.

Then there’s the FN 15 SRP G2, again a good quality AR-15 but doesn’t exactly make my heart flutter.

So when FN was reached out and said they’re going to be sending me their latest AR-15, the FN 15 TAC 3, I almost said, Can you send me a SCAR instead?

However, when I finally got the FN 15 TAC 3, I was like, OH, what do we have here?

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