FN Demonstrating HAMR-16 for PEO Soldier’s Next Gen Squad Weapon

Program Executive Officer (PEO) Soldier out of Fort Belvoir, Virginia recently tweeted an image depicting U.S. Army Brigadier General Anthony Potts (currently commanding PEO Soldier) on the test range firing a test rifle apart of “emerging technologies for Next Generation Squad Weapon” as spelled out in the tweet.

Upon closer inspection of the weapon pictured, it appears that it is in fact a version of the 5.56x45mm NATO HAMR-16 (Heat Adaptive Modular Rifle) that FN Herstal introduced into the Marine Corps’ IAR competition, now almost a decade old. There are three points that positively identify this weapon as a HAMR-16. The largest one is the black lower receiver that the HAMR-16 was instantly recognized for. The second are the three back screws in horizontal proximity to each other just below the rear sight on the upper receiver. Unlike a standard SCAR-L, or Mk.16, which doesn’t have these three extra screws. Next

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